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  1. New York Liberty Island and Manhattan

    Liberty Island in New York Harbor and Manhattan Twin Towers M/V Nordland Voyage # 3-74
  2. Adriatic & Olympic

    In this Percy Loomis Sperr photograph, the Adriatic and Olympic are seen together in New York Harbor in October, 1932. The Adriatic appears to be backing out of her slip at pier 60, and it looks like she’s doing so without the aid of tugs. Notice there are tug boats tied up and just sitting at the
  3. Aquitania

    Aquitania enters the newly reopened Pier 54 in July, 1933. Although it’s July, and some of the men can be seen in short sleeves, there are also some who are wearing coats. These were everyday types of people who came down to Pier 52 to get a view of the return to full use of Pier 54. People in ge
  4. Aquitania

    Aquitania arrives in New York Harbor in July, 1933. The ship has been dressed overall to celebrate the reopening of the Companies Pier 54, which had burned down the year before. She will be the first ship to dock there since the pier’s reopening. Notice that there are a least two swimmers in the
  5. Pier 54, 6 May, 1932

    I know I’ve posted this view of a New York harbor pier under the Passenger Liners sub group, but I’d like to keep it here as these first three photographs are all directly linked together. This view shows Cunard’s Pier 54 burning on 6 May, 1932. The cause of the fire was never determined but it ma
  6. Lusitania

    The four funnels of the Lusitania are seen from above in the summer of 1908, while the ship was docked in New York Harbor. One has to wonder about the vantage point from which the picture was taken. There were no high places on the water front at that time, and the picture is clearly taken from a
  7. Aquitania

    The New York City skyline is seen from the boat deck of the Aquitania as the ship heads up river to pier 54. The picture was taken on 26 September, 1930.
  8. Mauretania

    In this view from March, 1933, Mauretania makes her last New York to Southampton sailing as a black hulled mail steamer. Although by this time, she was already well involved in a cruising service out of New York, the ship's hull would receive a coat of white paint upon her return to Southampton, an
  9. Normandie

    This is an ebay scan of a photo I was bidding on, but the price became to rich for my blood. Still it's a nice view showing the ship arriving in New York in the summer of 1939. I don't know the name of the French warship that in seen docked in the foreground at the French Line pier.
  10. Aquitania

    Here is an unseen view of the Aquitania being maneuvered between Cunard's pier 91 and the Italian Lines pier 92 in New York Harbor on 16 September, 1939. The ship is armed at the stern and has had her superstructure painted over in a dull gray. The picture also gives one an idea of the amount of s
  11. Mauretania

    Here is a fine view of the Mauretania docked at New York in September, 1910. The liner is seen taking on coal for the return voyage to Liverpool, via Fishguard. Notice too how the stern of her lifeboats have been angled outward to provide access to deck fixtures used to attach lines for suspending
  12. Normandie

    Another view of the Normandie making a New York arrival after May, 1936.
  13. Normandie

    The Normandie is shown tying up in New York at the conclusion of the first leg of her Maiden Voyage, 3 June, 1935.
  14. Aquitania

    This picture was previously owned by fellow SN member Dave Boone (tugboatpainter). It shows a distant view of the old liner making a sailing from New York in the summer of 1939.
  15. Normandie

    The remains of the Normandie are seen heading down the Hudson after being refloated in November, 1943. The caption from this picture optimistically says she's heading to a shipyard for restoration and a return to service.
  16. Normandie

    The Normandie is shown in New York, but with no flags visible, it’s hard to tell if she’s docking or undocking in this image from September, 1938.
  17. Aquitania

    In this tiny photograph, the stately Aquitania is seen steaming up the Hudson while arriving in New York on August 27th, 1939. The anonymous photographer couldn’t have known it at the time, but their little snapshot was capturing the ship making her last New York arrival in full peacetime colors, i
  18. Aquitania

    This maiden voyage arrival shot of the Aquitania has actually been doctored twice. The original B&W picture was taken by Edwin Levick and was posted on SN as seen here: That picture shows the paint stripped f
  19. Normandie

    The hulk of the Normandie is seen in the early stages of removal during the winter of 1942. Some steel has been cut off of the first funnel near the barge mounted crane.
  20. Aquitania

    This is a view of the Aquitania docked in New York on 1 November, 1946, on what will be her last voyage to the American Port. She had just brought the British Foreign Labor Secretary Ernest Bevin over to America for a conference. The ship would leave New York for good on November 8th, 1946.
1-20 of 45 Results