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new york harbour

  1. New York

    New York

    Picture from about 1960, with Berlin, Mauretania, Queen Elizabeth, Italia, Gripsholm at the piers, and probably Homeric in Hudson River.
  2. USS Intrepid

    USS Intrepid

    Alpha/Delta has been moved back to end of pier.
  3. USS Intrepid

    USS Intrepid

  4. Carnival Glory

    Carnival Glory

  5. Isola Coralla

    Isola Coralla

  6. Isola Coralla

    Isola Coralla

  7. Ocean Princess 1

    Ocean Princess 1

  8. RTC 83

    RTC 83

  9. France


    Another shot from her maiden arrival in New York.
  10. New York  harbour

    New York harbour

    New York harbour showing seven passenger ship in port
  11. New York

    New York

    Similar photos have already appeared in this section. I found this one in my collection and you may guess the vessels displayed.