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  1. Vaterland 1914

    I have taken the liberty of turning kohare's picture around. I also increased its size without it starting to pixolate too badly. Kind regards Alan G.
  2. New York

    New York, at least 70 years ago

    Accompanying text: "Liner New York after bombing. The Hamburg-American Line's 27,000-ton "New York" lies on its side after being bombed during one of the 20 air attacks by the Eight U.S. Air Force and the RAF on Kiel. Nearly 30,000 pounds of explosives and incendiaries were dropped on Kiel from...
  4. Spirit of Discovery, maiden arrival New York, 27 December 2019

    Oil on panel, 12 x 16. Finished …. today! 22nd Dec. I am joining in Miami and will be on board arriving NY, roughly Noon. No idea what the weather will be like. May or may not see ice in the river. The painting will be raffled off during the homeward voyage. All proceeds...
  5. America

    Another view of America at her New York pier in 1961, this time in color.
  6. America

    Here are a couple of unseen views of the US liner America, seen at her New York pier in the mid to late 1950’s.

    s.s. UNITED STATES New York's Upper Bay at the start of an eastlbound voyage to Southampton. At right, the Staten island ferry MARY MURRAY and in the foreground the harbour tug MARION MORAN. In the distance, the PRESIDENT POLK starting a round the world voyage. c.1953 Oil on Panel...
  8. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen in New York on 20 September, 1939, after completing a zig-zag course over the Atlantic from Southampton. This color view, taken by photographer John Blake, shows the grey camouflage applied to the ships superstructure and upper works before her sailing from Southampton back on...
  9. Aquitania

    This picture was posted many years ago by Rich (linerrich). It’s an aerial view that, in its original configuration, was rather lopsided, and had the ship’s seen in the picture resting at an unusual angle. I had the picture in my collection as well, and I did some work on it to put everything...
  10. Europa

    Having cleared the narrows during a New York departure, the Europa is seen from the after decks of another ship as she picks up speed while heading out into the Atlantic in the mid 1930’s.
  11. New York

    Top to bottom, left to right: France, QE2, Michaelangelo.
  12. Wreck swimming.

    Great use of a wreck in New York.
  13. New York

    Holland Tunnel ventilator tower and Manhattan
  14. Ile De France

    Two days after the previous picture was taken, the Ile De France departed New York bound for her home port in France. The three uncrated bombers can be seen on the upper sports deck aft. The Ile had already been earmarked by the French Government for troopship duty in Australia, and shortly...
  15. Ile De France

    The Ile De France is shown on 29 April, 1940, docked at a pier on Staten Island, where she had been moved to allow other French liners to use the facilities at the company’s pier 88 on the Hudson. The crew has completed painting the ship’s upper works a dark gray and her funnels were painted...
  16. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is shown arriving in New York on 16 September, 1939. A group of newsmen can be seen in the foreground on a small press boat; they were covering this arrival because she was the first large merchant ship to arrive in the port camouflaged and armed for defense. The ship had been...
  17. Queen Mary

    Queen Mary in New York, 13 September, 1939, the Italian liner Roma is seen on the far right.
  18. New York

    Greek Line Built 1922 by Fairfield, Glasgow 16,991 gross tons, 580 foot x 70 foot beam Ex: Tuscania of Anchor Line Sold to Greek Line in 1939 and re-named Nea Hellas In 1955 she was re-named New York Broken up 1961 Another of my school architectural projects dating to the...

    Moonlit evening on the Hudson c. 1938. At left, the Lackawanna RR ferry 'SCRANTON' crossing on a commuter run to the Hoboken terminal. Outbound, the beautiful AQUITANIA. Oil on linen, 18 x 24 inches Signed/Dated 2016
1-19 of 200 Results