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  1. HMNZS Leander

    HMNZS Leander

    In Pacific camouflage scheme, circa 1942. The New Zealand cruiser at speed
  2. The Radio Room
    Greetings: I wonder if anyone here remembers, or is able to look up, the callsign of NZ-registered MV Maranui for me. She was launched in 1953 and sank in 1968. She had the same owners (Northern Steam Ship Company) and same name for her entire career...
  3. Wellington, New Zealand

    Wellington, New Zealand

    A view dating from about the mid to late 1960's. I think two of the vessels are Oriana (on the seaward side of the harbour) and Maori (amongst those on the landward side.) One of the cargo ships looks to be a member of the New Zealand SS Co. but the others I am unable to identify
  4. Westport, New Zealand

    Westport, New Zealand

    Seen during a flight between the north and south islands in 1971 - See comments re identification.
  5. SS Earnslaw

    SS Earnslaw

    Preserved Lake cruiser Earnslaw approaching Queenstown on Lake Wakatipu, South Island New Zealand
  6. Dogwatch on the Earnslaw

    Dogwatch on the Earnslaw

    The Captain's hound keeping the Dog watch on board the T.S.S. Earnslaw, running between Queenstown and the Walter Peak High Country Farm on Lake Wakatipu, South Island of New Zealand.
  7. T.S.S. Earnslaw

    T.S.S. Earnslaw

    Earnslaw tied up at dusk at the jetty next to the Walter Peak High Country Farm on Lake Wakatipu, having cruised over from Queenstown.
  8. T.S.S. Earnslaw

    T.S.S. Earnslaw

    A Twin Screw Steamer built in Dunedin, New Zealand in 1912, before being dismantled and then transported by goods train to Kingston on Lake Wakatipu. She was then re-assembled and re-launched to ply her trade on the lake, and is still doing so.
  9. Sandfly Point, Milford Sound, New Zealand

    Sandfly Point, Milford Sound, New Zealand

    The Spirit of Milford and Pride of Milford awaiting passengers for a cruise around the magnificent Milford Sound
  10. Auckland


  11. The Battle Cruiser 'New Zealand'

    The Battle Cruiser 'New Zealand'

    Taken from a postcard in my collection. The post card date is unknown but the photo is credited to Cribb and Russel, Southsea
  12. Westport, New Zealand

    Westport, New Zealand

    view of port area of Westpot, N.Z. showing dredge " " and cement carrier "Westport" alongside. Structure at far end was used for exporting coal by barge.
  13. New Zealand Pacific

    New Zealand Pacific

    New Zealand Pacific on river Elbe
  14. Nugget Point Light

    Nugget Point Light

    Located in the Catlins region of the South Island in New Zealand. Sea lions were basking everwhere on the day I visited. Great place.
  15. Cape Foulwind Light

    Cape Foulwind Light

    Cook named the Cape because of the foul behaviour of the winds.
  16. Wellington approaches

    Wellington approaches

    Guiding lights into Wellington Harbour, New Zealand
  17. Akaroa Light, New Zealand

    Akaroa Light, New Zealand

    Akaroa Light on the Banks Peninsula, near Christchurch, New Zealand
  18. Edwin Fox stern

    Edwin Fox stern

  19. Edwin Fox

    Edwin Fox

    This shot looks through the decks and gives an idea of internal construction
  20. Edwin Fox info

    Edwin Fox info