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  1. Jannie En Klaas PZ999, Newlyn 18/7/12, End of the line?

    Also expected to leave for breakers imminently, joining Marie claire, Elizabeth Caroline, Sara Shaun and Anneliese. Jannie En Klaas, PZ999, b. Holland 1969 Bought second hand from, I believe, North Wales by Stevensons and operated as a beamer until relatively recently. Believed to have...
  2. Anneliese PZ197, Newlyn 18/7/12, End of the line?

    Also believed to be departing for scrap shortly. Anneliese, PZ197, b. Holland 1968 She was the third purpose built steel beamer bought by Stevensons secondhand from Holland in the late seventies (possibly 1976). Laid up recently, possibly with engine troubles.
  3. Elizabeth Caroline, Newlyn. The end of the line?

    Also expected to leave Newlyn for breakers imminently. Elizabeth Caroline, PZ293 b.1946 Lowestoft One of Britains most historic trawlers, built of wood for the MoD, sold out after WW2 to Brixham as the David Allen for Torbay Trawlers, sold to Stevensons in 1968 and renamed. She was, I...
  4. Marie Claire; Sara Shaun; Newlyn 18/7/12 The end of the line?

    Another view of these veteran beamers. Both started fishing lives as side trawlers and were rebuilt as beamers. Marie Claire is one of the Grand Old Ladies of British fishing and will be sad to see her go!
  5. Sara Shaun; Marie Claire; Newlyn 18/7/12

    The end of the line? Both longserving Stevenson beamers are expected to be towed for breaking shortly. Marie Claire, PZ295 b.1946 Rowhedge Ironworks Formerly Elijah Perrett at Brixham, sold to Newlyn in 1968, but rebuilt to modern standards much later by Billy Stevenson (she was a laid-up...
  6. Karen N, Newlyn, 18/7/12

    The Nowell family beamer Karen N PZ10 on the slip at Newlyn for repair/refit work. She is another eurocutter and was originally built as Seafalke for Sussex owners.
  7. Chloe T, Newlyn, 18/7/12

    Chloe T PZ1186, another former Perkes beamer, Angel Emiel from Brixham, alongside for a paint up at Newlyn on 18/7/12. Looking very smart!
  8. Jacoba, Newlyn

    The Newlyn based scalloper Jacoba PZ307 alongside at Newlyn on 18/7/12. With 17 dredges to a side she is a serious player in this market. Apparently the channel scallops are short in supply at the moment and many of the scallopers are working North Cornwall.
  9. Cornishman, Newlyn, 18/7/12

    The Stevenson beamer Cornishman alongside at Newlyn on 18/7/12 between trips, acquired originally from Brixham. Like St. Georges one of the larger UK beamers still fishing beamtrawl nets. Always good to see her.
  10. Louisa N Newlyn 18/7/12

    The Nowell family's eurocutter beamer Louisa N PZ101, Ex Angel Emiel from Brixham's Perkes family, between trips alongside at Newlyn. This class of beam trawler represents the future, and the larger beamers are rapidly being decommissioned or converted to scalloping.
  11. Newlyn 18/7/12

    St. Georges PZ1053. Stevenson's largest beamer, and a former Lowestoft regular with Colne, refitting in Newlyn on 18/7/12. Looking good, and one of the largest beamers still operating on trawling in the UK.
  12. William Stevenson PZ195, Excellent PZ513, Anthony Stevenson PZ331, Newlyn

    Three more Stevenson fishing vessels at Newlyn which are not doing a lot of fishing anymore. Excellent b.1931 by Forbes of Sandhaven is one of the oldest vessels in the UK fleet and still in good order. Anthony Stevenson b.1945 is young by comparison and one of the last sidewinders. William...
  13. ABS PZ203 & Jacqueline PZ192 Newlyn

    Two more for disposal? ABS has been partiallly stripped, her winch removed, and is being worked on. Jacqueline with her nameplate removed and her registration painted out does not look likely to fish either. She is one of the very last traditional sidewinders afloat and it will be sad to see...
  14. Elizabeth Ann Webster PZ291

    Awaiting disposal the "Webster" has been partially stripped and is expected to be broken up shortly. Built in 1946 with a timber hull and formerly Agnes Allen in Brixham she has served 40 years at Newlyn but is no longer viable.
  15. Basil St Clair Stevenson PZ99 Newlyn

    Probably next to go from Newlyn. She has not fished for a considerable time and is not likely to be repaired and refitted. Chasa
  16. Bryan D Stevenson PZ290 at Newlyn

    Not much further to go as at 4/7/07
  17. Painting of Elizabeth Caroline PZ293

    Watercolour of Elizabeth Caroline PZ293 by Colin M Baxter, Hampshire martine artist, painted some years ago in Newlyn. Something to remember when she "retires" shortly.
  18. ABS PZ 203

    On 6th July 2005 nearest the quay, the beamer ABS PZ 203 built in 1960 on a Sputnik hull at Montrose and converted to beamtrawling during the late 1980's/1990's. Still operated by Stevensons of Newlyn. Alongside her is Jacqueline PZ 192 one of Stevensons remaining wooden hull sidewinders.
1-18 of 18 Results