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  2. Old Harbour, Nice, France

    Corsica/Sardinia ferry alongside. Viewed from balcony of my daughter's and son-in-law's flat.
  3. A couple of old tubs at Nice

    Areti and Omega alongside Nice old harbour.
  4. Nice

    Nice; old harbour from east. Corsica ferry departing.
  5. Nice

    View toward the town from the port
  6. Nice

    The French port of Nice on the Riviera at the beginning of the 20th century, seen here on a colored postcard. It seems if the artist tried to retouch some buildings and sailing vessels down to the right but both are still visible.
  7. Nice

    The port entrance of Nice on the French Riviera, seen here in 1900.
  8. Nice

    The French port of Nice at the beginning o the 20th century. Today the pierheads are extended by the double to allow cruise ships to call at Nice.
  9. Nice

    Arriving at Nice in July 2008 with one of the SNCM fast ferries departing
  10. Golden Shadow

    Nice June 2010
  11. Capo Nero

    Nice June 2010
  12. Capo Nero

    Nice June 2010. Discharging what looked like cereal into road tankers.
  13. One More Toy

    Nice June 2010
  14. Haida G

    Nice June 2010
  15. Ibiza Cement

    Nice June 2010, cement carrier.
  16. Old postcard of Nice

    An unused postcard. On the reverse is printed - La Cote d'Azur. Nice - L'Entree du Port. The steamer may be identifiable, as she has rather unusual goalpost type masts. Her name seems to be six letters, and she could be carrying Carley floats or rafts, which might date the view as immediately post
  17. NICE

    Seen at Genoa 2002.
  18. HSS and ferry

    NGV Asco and C/F Corse in port of Nice on august 2004 from NGV Liamone
1-18 of 18 Results