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  1. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Unloading dredging equipment at Sattahip Thailand, May 1966.
  2. Niceto De Larrinaga

    Anchored at Sattahip in Thailand around May 1966, after dischage of dredging equipement loaded at Newcastle in Australia. Sorry about the poor quality but was a roll of film I found recently thats 40+ years old but not been printed, ( must have been short of funds originally).
  3. Kobe

    1965 Kobe ship-yard, Japanese Defence vessel.
  4. Sydney

    Not really a port more an experience. Taken in `65 & in purely for interest sake. My introduction to Bondi (hope spelling is OK). The odd thing is when I showed it to one of my sons who had done the back-packing thing after Uni 2004/05 he was able to recognise it so not all has changed I guess.
  5. Durban

    Mid `64 the Zulu gents wanted some coin of the realm for this pic. so we had to do a runner.Impoverished cadets.
  6. Unknown

    Destroyer photo taken 1964, but haven`t a clue where. The odd thing is there are no numbers visible on her. Anyone got an idea.
  7. Simon van der Stel (ex HMS Whelp)

    Destroyer D237 in Durban mid 1964, I hope someone will be able to put a name to her?
  8. Deck Cargo

    More deck cargo en route to Australia 1965, my charge till Melbourne, & sorry to see her go.
  9. Suez

    Waiting for North Bound convoy to clear during Sothbound passage to Aus. 1965. Deck cargo of chemicals hence back of queue with tankers.
  10. Outward Bound

    All running gear being overhauled ready for discharge in Australia.
  11. Satahip

    Satahip in Thailand, was an isolated fishing village until Uncle Sam took a notion to build an harbour & subsiquently an airfield to run tours of N. Vietnam. We carried all the dredging gear minus the actual dredger from Newcastle NSW in 1965. This was a large cable ship who`s name escapes me...
  12. Ise Maru

    I was always under the impression that this was the Yamaguchi Maru of NYK Line fitting out 1965, 10458 gt, 528` x 76` 19.5 kn, but have been informed by those with better knowledge that it is infact the Ise Maru of NYK Line. So have edited the shot accordingly.
  13. Kobe

    Kobe outer harbour 1965, ex Cunarder Alsatia/Andria as Union Freedom (I think). One of them sank after colliding with an oil barge & catching fire in the Missisippi near New Orleans way back when.
  14. Marmagoa

    Niceto De Larrinaga loading iron ore from barges in Marmagoa India, for Japan 1965. Unknown Greek vessel also loading saw her again in Japan,may have been one of the Livanos Group.
  15. Tokyo

    May `65 downtown Tokyo, maybe the Ginza but not sure, anyone know? Berthed in Chiba in Tokyo Bay at the time discharging iron ore.
  16. CapeTown

    Safmarine charter, March `64 & a first trip cadet prepares to savour his first foreign port. One of the worlds great shipping landmarks that in time we came to take for granted & not the privilage that they were & still are, if only the clock could be re-set.
  17. Sydney Harbour

    March `65 `Sports Sunday` but it was one way of seeing this fantastic harbour. Looking at the photo I notice some cranes to the left of the bridge, could these have been the start of the Opera House? I`m sure someone will know.
  18. Circular Quay

    March `65, no doubt vastly changed since.
  19. Cornerbrook Newfoundland

    Start of MANZ Line charter Jan. 65. Open water when we arrived but o`night froze & this was what we woke up to. By the time we left solid ice & the ice-breaker tug pictured had to make a path for us to follow to open water. Down loaded this once & it got lost!
  20. Woollamooloo Sydney

    Niceto De Larrinaga at head of pier on left, discharging MANZ Line run. Dont know if the spelling is right, but suspect the scenery has changed since April ish `65.
1-20 of 27 Results