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  1. Njord at Stockholm

    The long-living Swedish cargo-passenger ship Njord is seen here berthed either at Norr or Söder Mälarstrand, Stockholm. Njord (635 grt/482 nrt) was built in 1855 by Motala Varf, Norrköping, yard number 478, and first carried a schooner rig when commissioned for Norrländska Ångfartygsbolaget...
  2. Njord

    The Dutch m/v NJORD, 42,71m/374gt/9kn; 01/1939 completed by E. J. Smit & Zn., Westerbroek, for P. van Wering, Norg, NDL; WWII Allied service; 06/1944 took part in the Operation Neptune – Normandy invasion; 1957 HINNER K, Bernhard Griesen, Haren Ems; 1963 HINNER K, lengthened to 50.6m/424gt; 1963...
  3. Njord

    The Dutch owned Njord at Antwerp 30 June 1971
1-3 of 3 Results