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  1. Nomadic

    Titanic tender Nomadic
  2. Nomadic

    Restoration of the SS Nomadic, Tender to the Olympic and the Titanic in the Hamilton Graving Dock, sole survivor of the White Star Line. Taken on the 16th October 2012, Belfast Titanic Quarter.
  3. Nomadic on the move

    Nomadic - shifting berths 29/06/07
  4. SS Nomadic at Belfast Harbour

    ...the last remaining vessel built for the White Star finally came back where it was built & will undergo restoration. The team responsible for restoring SS Nomadic plan to go all the way and reinstall engines so that she will be able to tour the new Titanic Quarter.
  5. Nomadic

    On barge in Belfast
  6. Nomadic

    On barge in Belfast
  7. Nomadic

    On barge in Belfast
  8. Nomadic

    On barge in Belfast
  9. Nomadic

    On barge in Belfast
  10. Nomadic

    Launched 25th April 1911 at Harland & Wolf Belfast for the White Star Line to be used as a tender at Cherbourg. 220 feet long and 1273 tons. Photo taken in Belfast Lough as she returns to Belfast
1-10 of 10 Results