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  1. nora

    nora in my back garden
  2. Meeching and Nora 3

    Meeching takes Nora in tow from the stern. At this point, Hermes (see the other photo in the gallery, taken from Meeching) is very close by, and gets even closer. Now just how did that brand new towline suddenly part? Alas, all those who knew are no longer with us to tell the tale.
  3. Meeching and Nora

    This shows the extent of the damage to the Nora. Meeching, almost obscured by smoke, continues to fight the fire.
  4. Meeching and Nora 1

    This is taken from the Newhaven lifeboat 'Kathleen Mary' and shows Meeching fighting the fire at close range.
  5. Meeching, Nora and Hermes

    The tanker Nora under tow from MT Meeching in March 1968. The other tug standing rather near is the German tug Hermes. Meeching's towline suddenly parted. Guess which lucky tug got the prize?
1-5 of 5 Results