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  1. Lost in Translation

    Part of the on board dessert menu on Hurtigruten's Nordlys. Sounded exciting but I was rather disappointed with the actual presentation!

    This watercolour painting attempts to show the Hurtigruten cruise-ferry MV 'Nordlys' leaving that famous location. I have made her funnel slightly more LEGO-ish than it really is, to act as something of a contrast to the mountain peak in the background. Trollfjord has witnessed the arrival...
  3. Nordlys

    Bergen Line Off the Norwegian coast in November 1972
  4. Nordlys

    Norwegian pass/cargo vessel NORDLYS, imo 5255583/ 80m/ 2.163gt/ 15,5m/ pax____; 06/05/195 completed by Aalborg Vaerft A/S, Aalborg, for Det Bergenske A/S – Bergen Line, Bergen, for its Norwegian coastal service; 1979 NORDLYS, A/S Troms Fylkes D/S, Tromso; 1983 NORDLYS, Torkel Alendal...
  5. MS Nordlys

    Hurtigruten coastal ferry MS Nordlys from fleetmate explorer ship MS Fram. April 2010.
1-5 of 5 Results