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  1. Norfolk

    NORFOLK link here to her as PARINGA plus details;
  2. Norfolk, Virginia

    Esso Bangor and Santa Rosa - with a glimpse of Santa Paula to the left of the picture
  3. United States

    The United States is seen laid up at a pier in Norfolk, Virginia in 1971.
  4. USS Norfolk

    US-Destroyer USS NORFOLK (DL-1)
  5. Norfolk (2)

    Looking along the deck from aft of Norfolk, a replica of Matthew Flinders ship used to explore Tasmania and the Bass Strait. Now preserved in a dedicated museum at Georgetown, Tasmania
  6. Norfolk replica (1)

    Modern replica of the Norfolk. The ship Matthew Flinders sailed from Sydney to Tasmania to prove that Tasmania was separate from the mainland. After building this replica it was sailed to dupicate his voyages and has since been preserved in a dedicated museum at Georgetown in Tasmania...
  7. Invincible

    HMS Invincible leading a group of RN ships on excercise, the nearest frigate to Invincible is the Type 23 HMS Norfolk Both these vessels are no longer part of the RN fleet. Believe taken in the early 1990's Royal Navy publicity photo.
  8. Norfolk

    The Federal Steam Navigation Co's cargo liner NORFOLK of 1947, the third successive vessel of the company to bear that name, passing inbound under Sydney Harbour Bridge as the passenger ferry DEE-WHY of 1928 - which preceded by four years the opening of the bridge - clears Circular Quay on her...
  9. Fishermens Friends !

    A Bold statement on a van parked at Wells next the Sea, Norfolk
  10. Sea Horse IV Lifeboat

    Seen on exercise on the River Yare at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

    Laid up in Norfolk, Va, 1988

    Norfolk 1986
  13. HMS Norfolk

    From RFA Green Rover 1975
  14. HMS Norfolk

    From the collection of Dennis Harker
  15. BOGOF

    Portsmouth 28 September 2006. In the front row Chilean 05 Almirante Cochrane ex Norfolk. 2nd row, RFA Sir Tristram and Invincible to the left. 3rd row, RFA Grey Rover. 4th row, RFA Sir Galahad.
  16. Chilean ex Norfolk

    Former T23, Norfolk, refitting for Chilean Navy at Portsmouth, 10 September 2006.
  17. HMS Norfolk

    Closing to fuel from RFA Green Rover. Stanavforlant. Nov 1976
  18. HMS Norfolk

    From RFA Green Rover Stanavforlant Oct 1976
1-18 of 19 Results