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  1. Norge

    Royal yacht Norge at the Aker yard in Oslo. I think we lost something when black and white photography disappeared. You did at the start disregard how things really looked, and felt free to build within all the possibilities. The totally black silhouette of the stern at right would - I think -...
  2. NORGE

    Norwegian royal yacht NORGE at IJmuiden locks at the occasion of King Olav V's official visit to The Netherlands.

    SØRLANDET in Kiel canal om 17/06/2011.
  4. NORGE

    Royal norwegian yacht NORGE at her anchorage in the port of Oslo on 19/05/2010.
  5. Norge

    Norwegian Coast Defence Ironclad NORGE
  6. Norge

    Norwegian Coast Defence Ironclad NORGE A model from Internation Maritime Museum in Hamburg
  7. Norge

    NORGE Norwegian Royal Yacht
  8. Norge

    Norwegian Royal yacht NORGE, Oslo. Akershus fortress in the background. March 18th. 2007
  9. NORGE

1-9 of 9 Results