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  1. Norma mary

    A little dig on the open sea!
  2. Norma mary

    Photo taken from the Zodiak
  3. Norma mary

    Norma Mary on a poor day in the Denmark Strait
  4. Preparing for crewman to be airlifted

    Preparing to get a crewman airlifted by the canadian coastguard helicopter.
  5. Shrimp

    Caught east of Neufoundland
  6. Norma mary

    Grids on the shrimp trawl
  7. Norma mary

    Norma mary towing in the denmark strait, East of greenland.
  8. Norma Mary in the Faroe Islands

    Taking fuel in December 2001. - The land in the background is the westside of the Skálafjørður, on Eysturoy (East Island). The land far away in the background is Streymoy (Stream Island). The small village in the left of the picture is named Saltnes (Eysturoy)....
1-8 of 8 Results