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  1. Normandie2_150kB.jpg

    ss Normandie
  2. Normandie

    Normandie leaving Le Havre for her first trip to New York
  3. Normandie

    Normandie in dry dock before her departure from St Nazaire, where she was built. She left on the 5th of May 1935
  4. Normandie

    Normandie fitting out in August 1934
  5. Normandie

    Normandie just before launch in 1934
  6. Normandie, bridge wing

    This must be before the sweep back was reduced
  7. Workspace 1

    Bridge of Normandie. Spacious , I would say - it probably would take a strong voice to give audible orders to the helmsman from the outer ends of this bridge.
  8. QE and Normandie

    Queen Elizabeth and Normandie are seen docked side-by-side in New York at piers 91, and 88 respectively. Based on an earlier color view, the Normandie already appears to have her white superstructure painted grey, so I would assume the work would have taken place after the fall of France on 10...
  9. New York, 1940

    The superliner piers in New York are seen in this rare color view from September, 1940. The gray painted Queen Elizabeth will soon be departing the safety of the city, and begin her service as a troopship in the Southern Hemisphere. Next to her, the French Lines Normandie is seen still in her...
  10. Lafayette (Ex- Normandie)

    Another view of the Lafayette lying on her side on 10 February, 1942. The New York City Fireboat Firefighter is seen fighting a stubborn blaze located in the ships ventilation system at the base of the ship’s two forward funnels. The Firefighter was painted over completely in black as soon as...
  11. Lafayette (Ex- Normandie)

    The Lafayette is seen from above one day after her fatal capsizing at pier 88 in New York Harbor on 10 February, 1942.
  12. Normandie as an Aircraft Carrier?

    On 12 December 1941 Normandie, which had been interned in New York since September 1939, was seized by the U.S. Navy. Consideration was briefly given to a scheme to convert the liner into an aircraft carrier although, in the end, it was decided the ship would be of more value as a troop...
  13. Lafayette (Ex-Normandie)

    The remains of the Lafayette (ex Normandie) are towed down the Hudson River in November, 1943. The job of righting the ship, following her loss in February, 1942, was one of the largest and most expensive salvage jobs even undertaken; and in spite of the great effort to bring the ship to this...
  14. Normandie

    Ariel view of the Normandie, taken as the ship conducted her sea trials in May, 1935. The lack of water turbulence around her hull and at her bow, shows just how revolutionary Vladimir Yourkevitch’s hull design truly was.
  15. Normandie

    Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line Sectional view of the midships of the liner From an original formerly in my collection
  16. Normandie

    Compagnie Generale Transatlantique - French Line Sectional view of the forward part of the ship From an original formerly in my collection
  17. Normandie

    Normandie,New York 1937.
  18. Normandie

    Normandie,New York 1937.
  19. Normandie

    Normandie,New York 1937
  20. Normandie

    Normandie,New York 1937
1-20 of 139 Results