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  1. Normandy beach

    Norwegian and Danish vessel unloading in American sector. In the foreground Norwegian ship SS Fagerbro.
  2. Normandy beach

    This should be the beach that Vestmanrød and those ships that sailed with her arrived at. There is not much activity to be seen, a small tank looks as if abandoned in the middle, to discern the vessels lying further inside is difficult with the low definition of the photograph, but maybe...
  3. American sector Normandy invasion

    These are Americans, that is what I know, but I shall dare to suggest that the ship in the foreground has been wilfully sunk by its crew so as to serve as a breakwater., rather than having been the victim of enemy action. The ship ahead of her seems rather low in the water as well.
  4. Normandy beach

    Norwegian freighter Vestmanrød and two unidentified not at the moment floating objects
  5. Normandy beach

    These two does not feel themselves to be in any danger. One must suppose that the Germans have already been chased away from this beach.
  6. Normandy beach

    Norwegian freighter Vestmanrød and an amphibious vehicle
  7. Normandy beach

    The Vestmanrød on a Normandy Beach. What on earth is that hanging from the hook of the crane? L-nummer 10156. Backer, Ole Friele Exact date 1.1.1944 06, 00:00:00 +02:00
1-7 of 7 Results