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  1. Sedco 135F

    135F in the North Sea, c. '75/6. A cow of a rig type to work with on supply work. Back snatching under a stunted crane with no space under the overhang, no bow thruster worth putting on, on a dark night in crap weather was good for the imagination. And too often on the weather side. Which could...
  2. Escape vessel

    Attached to gas rig in North Sea.
  3. Hans Lehmann

    I took this image of the Hans Lehmann. I was in my hotel room overlooking the North Sea at Scarborough and spotted her sailing to Hartlepool for a 2100hr dock last Sat evening. I looked up the AIS on my laptop and there she was!!
  4. Wimpey Seadog

    Letting go the buoy on the Seadog in perfect North Sea conditions c. '76 at the Shell semi Staflo
  5. Triton FPSO

    Approaching the Triton FPSO, on the Far Superior, Jan 2009. north sea.
  6. Far Service

    PSV Far Service in Tananger Norway jan 2008. owned by farstad. Did 3 trips on her while i was a deck cadet.
  7. Highland Bugler

    Highland Bugler, off Den Helder. June 2008.
  8. Vos Master

    ERRV Vos Master, Standing by at the captain field. March 2009.
  9. Kielder & Independent

    Both sailed from Rotterdam, Kielder for Ipswich, Independent for Shoreham
  10. Stand-by vessel, North Sea

    Boring, hard and under paid work, with basic conditions applying. I think this is c. '75-'77 with possibility taken from Atlantic drilling rig c. '81. No, she did not collide but she would not have needed to break down then.
  11. Emergency Shutdown System Console - M.V. Northia

    Emergency Shutdown (ESD) console used to initiate an automatic shutdown procedure between the offtake tanker and Floating Storage Unit (FSU). For example if a dangerous situation occured i.e. if hawser tension excessively high due to sea/wind or any other malfunction an ESD sequence would be...
  12. North Sea

    Dutch coaster North Sea approaching Warrenpoint harbour about 2003
  13. escorting yacht

    poor day seen here heading for skerries photo shot from lerwick lifeboat
  14. North Sea

    At Felixstowe on 11/07/2005.
1-14 of 14 Results