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  1. Northern Venture lifeboat

    At anchorage mouth of Amazon with locals onboard
  2. Northern Venture bridge

    NV bridge from port side showing console and steering stand
  3. Northern Venture chartroom

    NV chartroom from the starboard end
  4. Northern Venture bridge

    NV bridge, KH radar, steering stand
  5. Northern Venture radio room

    MF/HF console & tx. ARQ terminal in foreground
  6. Northern Venture radio room

    MF/HF console at far end, never in use, we had satcom.
  7. Northern Venture chartroom

    Northern Venture chartroom showing navigational equipment
  8. Northern Venture radio room equipment 2

    Satellite communications equipment desk showing fax machine, printer, screen and keyboard with Below Decks Equipment (BDE) at the far end
  9. Ship Research
    A few photographs of the bridge and radio room. The lifeboat one was taken at the Amazon anchorage
1-11 of 11 Results