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  1. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at anchor off Jamestown St. Helena during her 2004 World Cruise.
  2. Vistafjord

    Vistafjord, in Cunard colours, departing Southampton.
  3. Sagafjord

    Sagafjord alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage in a rain storm.
  4. OSLO

    Foldenfjord and Sagafjord at the terminal of Norwegian America Line in Oslo.
  5. Saga Rose

    At Dover, in livery far more attractive than the ill-thought-out look imposed upon the ship by Transocean.
  6. Vistafjord

    Long ago, when she was virtually still a new ship. Departing from Tilbury.
  7. Caronia

    Alongside at Barbados during a Christmas cruise.
  8. Saga Rose

    At anchor, with tenders, off St Helena during her 2004 World Cruise.
  9. Saga Rose

    At anchor off Easter Island, during her 2001 World Cruise.
  10. Sagafjord

    Alongside the Tilbury Landing Stage during one of her long Northern Europe cruises from New York.
  11. Saga Rose

    Saga Rose at Papeete, Tahiti during a World Cruise on 14th February 2001.
  12. Oslofjord 1957

    A nice shot of Oslofjord calling at Stavanger in 1957.
  13. Vistafjord at La Corunna

    I took two cruises aboard Norwegian America Line's new flagship, Vistafjord, one in 1977 and one in 1978. Similar itineraries on both cruises, UK into the Mediterranean. Now, I cannot recall on which of these cruises this photo was taken.
  14. Vistafjord

    Photographed moored at Spithead on the morning of 5 June 1994, for the 50th D-Day Anniversary Fleet Review. The Vistafjord was ordered by Norwegian America Line (NAL) from Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, Newcastle, United Kingdom. She was based on the company's 1965-built MS Sagafjord, but with an...
  15. Oslofjord & Bergensfjord

    Oslofjord and Bergensfjord, New York 1950's. Norwegian America Line
1-16 of 16 Results