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  1. Nova Scotia

    In Gibraltar on the 7th June. Daniel
  2. Peggy's cove

    Nova Scotia Peggy's cove
  3. Empress of Canada

    The Empress of Canada is seen at Halifax Nova Scotia in the late 1930’s. This photo was used by the Balitmore Sun to report the vessle's loss to an Italian Submarine in March, 1943. The ship was sunk with a loss of nealy 400 lives.
  4. Nova Scotia Aug/Sept.1968

    Self on left.'Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end'
  5. Nova Scotia.Aug/Sept.1967/68

    Smoko or was it breakfast! 1967/68 L/R..Irish lad spent a lot of time on the Burmuda boats out of NY.[2] EDH ? [3] Catering retired bent wrist so he said. [4] AB from Yorkshire beleive went into the Fire service [5] Ivor Willians AB from a little Welsh place with the smallest pub I'veever had a...
  6. Bedford Basin artwork

    In memory of the convoys gathering in the Bedford Basin, Part of artwork on the Bedford Highway, Halifax NS
  7. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen at Halifax Nova Scotia during repatriation service in October, 1919. Notice the ships’ forepeak is still painted white.
  8. The Narrows,Halifax,Nova Scotia

    View of the Narrows photographed from the McKay bridge looking South East toward Dartmouth Cove,Halifax Harbour. The area on the right (floating dock) is the approximate location of the 1917 (S.S. Mont Blanc) explosion,which until Hiroshima was the largest man-made explosion. The jack-up rig...
  9. Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Liners at Halifax, Nova Scotia. Apologies for heavily-pixelated photo.

    Singapore 1980's Built as Nova Scotia for Johnston Warren Lines 1973-1974,1976-1978 cahrtered to SSA renamed each time Tropic 1978 to Booker Line renamed Booker Valiant 1980 Arab Dabor 1986 Arab Hind 1998 broken up
  11. Nova Scotia

    NOVA SCOTIA 1947 7438 tgr Furness Withy
  12. Lobster boats in Nova Scotia.

    They only work a couple of months a year, then the crew need to get other jobs like farming to make up the year, depends what part of NS it is though! A lot of deck space on these boats.
  13. Samuel Cunard

    On Saturday, October 7th 2006, a bronze statue was unveiled of Samuel Cunard in the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Two of Cunard's great-great-great grand children took part in the event which was also attended by ex-Cunard Commodore R. Warwick. Also in attendance were officials from Cunard and...
1-14 of 14 Results