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  1. Nurnberg

    The Nürnberg, was a German light cruiser after World War II, Nürnberg was transferred to the Soviet Union and renamed Admiral Makarov after the Russian admiral Stepan Makarov. While covering minelaying operations off the British North Sea coast, the ship was torpedoed during the night of 12 Decembe
  2. Nurnberg

    The German cargo/liner NURNBERG, 158,5m/9.464gt/18,5knots; 29/12/1962 completed by Howldtswerke, Hamburg, Hamburg; 1971 CONGO, EIM-Empresa Insulana de Navegação, Lisbon; 1974 CONGO, CPTM-Companhia de transportes Maritimos, Lisboa (amlgamation of EIM and CCN); 1985 Portline-Transportes Maritimos Inte
  3. Nürnberg

    Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Hamburg. Built 1961, 9463 gross. Departing Melbourne, 1962.
1-3 of 3 Results