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  1. Oslo, Nyland yard

    Harald Haarfagre in drydock the Nyland yard in Oslo ca 1909. A good picture of the ship can be seen here: 'Harald Fairhair' was a Norwegian viking king.
  2. Oslo, Nyland yard

    Wooden floating drydock in the Nyland yard in Oslo, not far from 1900 I'd say. The ship is the steamer 'Prosperos' who seem to have had a bit of trouble with the propeller or rudder.
  3. Nyland Yard, Oslo

    The Nyland yard on Oslo's east side in 54. Childhood haunts; used to live a pair of kilometers upriver from here, and on Sundays we'd walk along the river watching the small clinker-built ''motorsnekkes'' undulate at their moorings. The yard is gone, the river is in a tunnel, the place is...
1-3 of 3 Results