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  1. Port of Napier, NZ

    Port of Napier, NZ

    View of the Port of Napier, North Island, NZ 25 Feb 2013. Vessels are the Dawn Princess and the Voyager of the Seas.
  2. Totara (I)

    Totara (I)

    Snapshot of S.S. 'Totara' at Wellington, NZ Totara Built: 1924, Warren's New Holland Shipyard, near Hull Tonnage: 421grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson, NZ Built as 'Margaret Birch', for G.F.Birch and Sons, Hull 1926: Sold to Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, r/n 'Totara' 1955: Sold to
  3. Puriri (I)

    Puriri (I)

    Snapshot of M.V. 'Puriri' on the slip at Nelson? Puriri Built: 1938, Henry Robb Ltd, Leith Tonnage: 927grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson, NZ Specially designed for West Coast coal trade, was taken over by Royal NZ Navy beginning of WWII, and commissioned as a minesweeper, 19.4.1941
  4. Waimea


    Photo of S.S. 'Waimea' in Wellington harbour, partially dismantled prior to scuttling in 1939. The funnel is lying on its side, portside. Waimea Built: 1909 Mackie and Thomson, Glasgow Tonnage: 454grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson, NZ In fleet 1909-28, then was in Union SSCo fleet
  5. Hauturu


    Snapshot of M.V. 'Hauturu', Lyttelton Harbour. Hauturu Built: 1927, G.Brown and Co, Greenock Tonnage:283grt Owners: Northern Steamship Co, Auckland, NZ 1952: Sold to E.Savoie of Noumea, New Caledonia, r/n 'Estrella del Mar'. 1953: Sold to Wm. Collin and Sons, Brisbane, converted to a powered gravel


  7. Wellington, NZ

    Wellington, NZ

    Real Photo postcard of Wellington and shipping, c.early 1900's. Anyone recognize the ships?
  8. Unknown cruiser, Wellington

    Unknown cruiser, Wellington

    Postcard of light cruiser at Wellington, NZ, c.1950's. Could be 'Royalist' or 'Black Prince' perhaps? Union SSCo's lovely 'Matua' is in the background.
  9. TUATEA built 1903

    TUATEA built 1903

    Snapshot of coastal steamer, covered in people, arriving at Gisborne, New Zealand. Could be Richardson & Co ?
  10. The Port, Nelson, NZ

    The Port, Nelson, NZ

    Small card of the port, Nelson, with A Shaw Savill liner, Anchor Shipping and Foundry's 'Matangi', plus 2 other Anchor coasters. Photo looks like early 1950's?
  11. Shipping, Blenheim, NZ

    Shipping, Blenheim, NZ

    Postcard of shipping at Blenheim, a river port in the S. Island of New Zealand. By the look of the ships & the clothes, this pic is early 1900's. Looks like a tussle going on for berthage.
  12. Susanne--which one?

    Susanne--which one?

    Photo of M.V. 'Susanne' departing Bluff, NZ, 25 Feb.1961. Which company did she belong to?
  13. Preserved steamers

    Preserved steamers

    I think this is a gathering of assorted preserved steamers at Ngatea, NZ. Any info, Kiwis?
  14. Ship's Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, NZ

    Ship's Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, NZ

    Gathering of ships at Ship's Cove, Queen Charlotte Sound, NZ, on 11.2.1919--obviously a festive occasion.
  15. Totara (II)

    Totara (II)

    Totara (II) Built: 1957 E.J.Smit, Westerbroek Tonnage: 792grt Owners: Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co, Nelson, NZ 1979: Sold, r/n 'Pacific Bold' 1987: Sold, r/n 'Antares' 1990: Sold, r/n 'Sygnus' 1991: Sold, r/n 'riviheti' 2000: Broken up, Mumbai.
  16. Patea, NZ

    Patea, NZ

    Old postcard of the river port of Patea, NZ. Patea is found between New Plymouth and Wellington. I have no idea of the identity of the small coaster.
  17. Greymouth, NZ

    Greymouth, NZ

    Postcard of the entrance to Greymouth Harbour, NZ. The Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co's 'Titoki'(1958) is entering port.
  18. Adelaide Star (II) at Bluff

    Adelaide Star (II) at Bluff

    Bought on Trademe recently. Adelaide Star (II) at Bluff. Adelaide Star Built: 1950 John Brown, Clydebank Tonnage: 12,037grt Owners: Blue Star Line Fate: Broken up Masan, 1975.
  19. Matai


    NZ Govt ship 'Matai' at Milford Sound. Looks more like a yacht in this pic. Matai Built: 1930 Hawthorn Leslie, Hebburn Tonnage: 1,050grt Owners: NZ Govt 1963: Sold to G.Zee, Hongkong, r/n 'Zetai Star' 1965: Broken up, Hongkong.
  20. Coastal steamer

    Coastal steamer

    Postcard bought recently at second-hand shop. Looks like a Northern Steamship Co coastal passenger/cargo ship at Mahurangi Heads, north of Auckland. Sorry the pic is so small--was smaller still until enlarged.