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  1. Motueka, NZ

    Motueka, NZ

    Three coasters at the river port of Motueka, Sth. Is. NZ, c.1900. The one on the left looks like a conversion from a sailing vessel. The other two are probably Anchor Shipping and Foundry Co ships. Anyone recognise these ships?
  2. Bluff, NZ, c.1970's

    Bluff, NZ, c.1970's

    Back of postcard says: 'Bluff, Southland, NZ. Shipping at the artificial island with Bluff Hill in the background. Most southern port in New Zealand.' Looks like an 'Adelaide Star' class ship, with an Eastern Bloc ship in front, and either 'Laurentic' or 'Zealandic' in the foreground?
  3. Bluff, NZ, c.1958

    Bluff, NZ, c.1958

    Shipping at Bluff, c. 1958. Port Line, FSN and NZSCo line the wharf. The Stewart Island ferry 'Wairua' is just discernable in the mid left background, and an elderly Union SSCo freighter hard left.
  4. Bluff, NZ,  March 1955

    Bluff, NZ, March 1955

    A Whites Aviation photo dated March 1955. Any clues to the ship on the right?
  5. Bluff, NZ, c.1900's-2

    Bluff, NZ, c.1900's-2

    Caption says: 'Stirling Point, Bluff, NZ'. Anyone recognise the ship? Early SSA or Shire Line perhaps?
  6. Bluff, NZ, c.1900's

    Bluff, NZ, c.1900's

    Caption says: 'Wharves and shipping at Bluff'--looks like early 1900's--NZSCo steamer on the left?
  7. Empress of Britain (II)

    Empress of Britain (II)

    Photo shows Empress of Britain arriving Auckland, pre WWII. Spelling on card not mine! Empress of Britain Built: 1931 John Brown and Co, Clydebank Tonnage: 42,348grt Owners: Canadian Pacific 1939: Requisitioned by Admiralty 1940: October 26: Bombed and set on fire by aircraft October 28: Torpedoed a
  8. Tongariro (II)

    Tongariro (II)

    Given to me by a friend, c.1962. Tongariro Built: 1901 Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle Tonnage: 8,073grt Owners: NZSCo 1916: 30th August: Wrecked on Bull Rock, Portland Is, Hawke Bay, en route to Wellington from Newport News. Broke in two and became total loss, although much of the cargo was salvaged.
  9. Malolo,b.1927


    Seen arriving Auckland, c.1930. Part of an album collection depicting shipping at Auckland in the 1930's. Malolo Built: 1927 Cramp, Philadelphia Tonnage: 17,232grt Owners: Matson Lines 1927: May 25: Nearly sank during trials after colliding with Norwegian steamer Jacob Christensen in fog near Nantu
  10. PS Wakatere

    PS Wakatere

    Arriving at Thames, Coromandel, NZ, about 80 years ago. Smart little ship that must have looked fantastic at full speed. (Check out the other pic of her in'Ferries' section). Wakatere Built: 1896 Napier, Shanks and Bell, Yoker, Dumbartonshire Tonnage: 440grt Owners: Northern Steamship Co, Auckland,
  11. Kopara


    Bought at Collectables fair. Kopara Built: 1938 Henry Robb Ltd, Leith Tonnage: 679grt Owners: Richardson and Co, Napier, NZ 1966: Sold to Australian owners, r/n Sarang 1970: Sold to Apollo Shipping and Trading and Sendirian Berhad, Malaysia, r/n Cherry Chepat 1979 See Hai Hong
  12. Wakatere


    Photo of Wakatere arriving Auckland from Thames (NZ). A beautiful paddle steamer dating from 1896. Wakatere Built: 1896 Napier, Shanks and Bell, Yoker, Dumbartonshire Tonnage: 440grt Owners: Northern Steamship Co, Auckland, NZ Paddle steamer engaged on Auckland-Thames run, and excursions, from 1896
  13. Temple Hall

    Temple Hall

    Pic says 'Temple Hall departing Bluff, 10.2.1962'. Photo by M.E.D.Downes, Invercargill. Bought at collectables fair. Temple Hall Built: 1954 Tonnage: 8,003grt Owners: Lambert Bros, London 1969: Pantelis 1977: Telamon 1981: 31 October: Aground, total loss.
  14. Stratus at Auckland

    Stratus at Auckland

    What classy ships--design ahead of their time and, in my opinion on a par with the likes of Ports Auckland and Brisbane, and St.Essylt. Stratus was one of a quartet, the others being Cirrus/1960, Nimbus/1947 and ***ulus/1950--named after cloud formations. Regular visitors to NZ in the 1960's. Strat
  15. Port Victor (IV) at Bluff,NZ

    Port Victor (IV) at Bluff,NZ

    Bought at collectables fair. What a classic shot of a classic ship. Has the stamp of 'Bluff Photocentre' on the back. Must be some special occasion with all that bunting. Port Victor Built: 1943 John Brown and Co Ltd, Clydebank Tonnage: 10,390grt Owners: Port Line 1942: Taken over by Admiralty and c
  16. Arawa (II)

    Arawa (II)

    Bought at collectables fair. Photo taken 27.3.1908 by J Aldersley, who photographed many ships in and out of Wellington, early 20th century. Outstanding photographer. Arawa Built: 1906 Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Tonnage: 9,372grt Owners: Joint owners Shaw Savill and Albion/Whit
  17. Rangatira at Picton

    Rangatira at Picton

    Given to me by a friend at school, early 1960's. Photo taken at Picton, NZ. Moderators--suspect this should be under 'Ports, etc'
  18. Timaru,NZ


    No 1 wharf and all-weather meat loader at Timaru, NZ. Ship looks like Gladstone Star?
  19. Nelson, NZ

    Nelson, NZ

    Bought this card at a collectables fair. Shows 'Port Alma' in front of an unidentified coaster, the famous 'Boulder Bank'--which looks like a long breakwater-- in the background. Photo titled 'The Wharves--Nelson NZ. No4813
  20. Hawea (II) wrecked Greymouth

    Hawea (II) wrecked Greymouth

    Bought postcard at a collectables fair in Auckland recently. Stamped and postmarked 1908. Hawea (II) Built: 1897 A.McMillan and Son, Dumbarton Tonnage: 1,758grt Owner: Union SSCo of NZ Career: Brief and unfortunate--lost propellor after tailshaft broke, Sept 1908--drifted 30 days until found by Raka