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  1. Waverley

    Waverley on a trip out from Oban.
  2. Isle of Mull

    The Caledonian MacBrayne ferry Isle of Mull sailing from Oban.
  3. Maritime Family History Research
    Hello all, I wondered if someone could help or point me in the right direction of where to look for some more information on where my Grandad served. He served with the Royal marine engineers as a diver. I have his service record but the only ships mentioned (and therefore giving a clue to where...
  4. Oban

    With Caledonian MacBrayne vessel Isle of Mull alongside From a postcard purchased at Oban in September 1993
  5. Funchal

    At anchor off Oban during a cruise around the north of Scotland. I think that she looked at her best with the forward masts/cargo-handling gear. That was all removed during her last big refit.
  6. Oban

    On watch for passing ships!
  7. South Pier Oban

    Unloading the catch from the Jean Frances at South Pier, Oban.
  8. Buoyish mischief

    This pic shows the 'Serenissima's' position relative to the buoy. Buoys will be buoys.
  9. Buoy, oh buoy....

    This was how the 'Serenissima' looked on Monday 20th May when she took the wrong side of the Corran Ledge buoy, marking the entrance to Oban Bay. Not the recommended route! She was pulled off later that night - about 1.00 am.
  10. Oban Harbour

    The town of Oban with its port, photographed in the first decade of the 20th century. The picture was taken from an older German geographical schoolbook, edited in three volumes in 1911-1913 in Trier, Rhine province. Several vessels are anchoring in the horseshoe bay of Oban Harbour. The...
  11. Two Old Friends 2

    The view from the North Pier (perhaps?) across to the Railway Pier (?), with the 'Claymore' in the background this time!
  12. Two Old Friends 1

    This reminds me - just a little! - of Oban in the 'good old days'. The 'King George V' is lying at the equivalent of the North Pier, while the 'Claymore' is trying to dock at the Railway Pier! With a wee bit of imagination, you can see it all! The weather was sufficiently calm to allow me to...
  13. Oban

    Sailing ship Oban off Laboe. Web searches get me lots of sites for somewhere on the west coast of Scotland called Oban, but nothing on this vessel. Help will be appreciated.
  14. 'King George V' sails again!

    My 55-inch model of the 'King George V' took its maiden voyage(s) on Saturday 5th May. Stability etc. was perfect - absolutely no problems, and, as you can see, the model can be trimmed to sit just below the white waterline. Very, very realistic - at least to me! Thanks again, Sandy...
  15. 'King George V' at Railway Pier, Oban!

    Or is it? On second thoughts, it could be the jetty on the Union Canal, Falkirk, when I was sailing the model on Saturday afternoon! I am delighted with the overall performance. The model is very easy to control, and very fast in the water - not surprisingly.
  16. Iona, North Pier, Oban 1933

    Iona (MacBrayne's) at Oban, taken by my father while on holiday in 1933
  17. Swabbing the deck

    Keeping one of Oban's fishing boats clean and tidy.
  18. King George V

    This is the next ship being built at MeekYards, Falkirk - a 1/60 approx. model of the classic David MacBrayne turbine steamer, 'King George V', built by Wm Denny in 1926, for Turbine Steamers Ltd (transferred to MacBrayne's in 1935). I knew her well in the 1960s and early 1970s, as she and the...
  19. HMS Albion

    The Royal Navy's flagship, HMS Albion, alongside at Liverpool.
  20. Oban blockade

1-20 of 46 Results