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  1. Cardigan Bay

    Cardigan Bay

    Cardigan Bay alongside the newly built container terminal at the East Lagoon, Singapore. Shot taken from the Centaur berthed across the head of the new lagoon berths. I know which one I preferred to be on board!
  2. Blue Funnel - Ixion.

    Blue Funnel - Ixion.

    Quote from Alfred Holt: 'Keep my funnels tall and blue...and look after my China men'. The tall blue funnel of the s.s. Ixion, homeward bound from Australia.
  3. Antilochus


    Unsure of which vessel this is. Anyone any ideas? Update : Have been assured by people in the know that this is in fact the Antilochus. This fits in as to why I took the shot, from the focsle of the Centaur, as I had sailed on Antilochus earlier in the year.
  4. Antilochus


    Classic Bluey lines. She is outbound from UK, just sailing from Port Swettenham for Singapore. Shot taken from focsle of Centaur.
  5. Barber Memnon - Overhauling the gear

    Barber Memnon - Overhauling the gear

    Overhauling the gear - trans Pacific, on board the Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, when on the BBS round the world Eastbound service.
  6. Barber Memnon

    Barber Memnon

    The Blue Funnel ship Barber Memnon, fully loaded en route Yoko to Los Angeles, when on the Barber Blue Sea round the world service.
  7. Sydney Harbour Bridge from Walsh Bay.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge from Walsh Bay.

    Sydney Harbour Bridge, photo taken from the Blue Funnel ship Ixion, berthed at a pier in Walsh Bay. I believe there are luxury apartments on these wharves now, in place of the dockside cargo sheds.
  8. Glenogle


    Glen Line vessel Glenogle at the buoys in Hong Kong. The dreaded containers have become a regular sight on deck by this time.
  9. Centaur


    Blue Funnel ship Centaur working cargo in Singapore. Timber on and frozen carcases off. The passengers and sheep were already landed at this stage !
  10. Elpenor


    Blue Funnel ship Elpenor southbound in the Suez Canal, a few months after the canal had re-opened in June 1975.
  11. Anchises


    Blue Funnel bulker Anchises with a full timber cargo loaded in Finland and Sweden, bound for Alexandria, Egypt.
  12. Antilochus


    Blue Funnel ship Antilochus digging in to a head sea and swell.
  13. Tantalus


    In Verolme's Drydock, after touching the bottom entering Mississippihaven, Rotterdam sternfirst, and twisting the rudder stock. Although an Oil/Ore carrier, she never carried oil in her latter years with Ocean Fleets.
  14. Donga


    Ready to start loading from log-raft alongside.
  15. Donga


    Donga, ready to load from log raft alongside. Not sure what port.