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ocean mist

  1. Ocean Mist

    Ocean Mist

    From a postcard I sent home to Oz in 1978
  2. steam yacht     Ocean Mist

    steam yacht Ocean Mist

    a familiar sight mostly at anchor around Fort William in the 60s, known as Hobb's yacht , supposidly always at the ready in case mr Hobbs ever wished to go cruising , Hobbs was a distillery owner and great glen cattle ranch baron , three ex burghead fishermen employed to keep her on stand by . for


    24/8/05 latest work on ship
  4. Ex Ocean Mist ex Cruuise ShipEdinburgh

    Ex Ocean Mist ex Cruuise ShipEdinburgh

    3/8/05 Taken today from Commercial St bridge in Leith. as you can see, work has now started on her upperworks. the davits also seem to have been painted black.