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  1. Oceanic

    Built by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. Ld. 1899
  2. Oceanic

    German tug Oceanic (oil painting on panel 50x40cm)
  3. Oceanic

    German tug Oceanic (oil painting on panel 50x40cm)
  4. Oceanic

    Sublime bow view of Oceanic at Tunis.
  5. Oceanic

    Oceanic and yachts off Villefranche.
  6. Oceanic

    Oceanic at anchor off Villefranche. She was the most beautiful ship (externally) on which I ever sailed.
  7. Oceanic

    German tug Oceanic in foul weather. Oil painting on panel 50x40 cm)
  8. Oceanic

    The flawless lines of the Oceanic at anchor off Villefranche. Still lovely despite the lettering on her hull.
  9. Oceanic

    White Star Line Hand tinted print of the 1899 Oceanic acquired at South Street Seaport Museum, New York in 1985
  10. Oceanic

    Home Lines Oceanic in New York, 1974
  11. 1930s Oceanic

    This is supposed to be MV Britannic with Olympic-class funnels photoshopped in, but I think this design would've also done nice for a 1930s Oceanic (as a smaller alternative to their answer to the Queen Mary and Normandie).
  12. Oceanic

    Home Lines
  13. Oceanic

    Home Lines From a company issued postcard

    Home Lines' ATLANTIC and OCEANIC preparing to sail from New York on 6 October 1984.

    Another shot of Home Lines' super-sleek OCEANIC for her many fans (you know who you are). Photographed from the departing BRITANIS on 4 August 1984. Fleet-mate ATLANTIC shares the berth.

    A colorful shot of Home Lines' OCEANIC at New York on an autumn Saturday in 1980. DORIC's funnels are just visible above the pier shed.

    Home Lines' much-loved OCEANIC backs away from her Manhattan berth late on a September Saturday in 1980. (This one's for you, Clive.)

    Courtesy Sergio Grimaldi this photo of OCEANIC built at Monfalcone in 1965. She operated till recently as THE OCEANIC I think but has now gone to breakers.
  19. Oceanic

    At New York together with Atlantic on 18th September 1982

    Home Line's OCEANIC in Grassy Bay, Bermuda. Oil on linen canvas, 18 x 36, painted about 1989.
1-20 of 40 Results