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  1. Cardigan Bay

    Cardigan Bay alongside the newly built container terminal at the East Lagoon, Singapore. Shot taken from the Centaur berthed across the head of the new lagoon berths. I know which one I preferred to be on board!
  2. Mv Table Bay arriving at Southampton

    Mv Table Bay arriving at Southampton. Taken From Cayzer Irvine & Co Ltd's in house magazine "Clansman"
  3. Flinders Bay

    Flinders Bay on her way up to Rotterdam...
  4. Christmas in the 70's

    Hi all need some help, Head at bottom on left???????, alan Edgar, Standing?????????, Gerry the cook from Wallsend - the best I sailed with, Terry Bumpstead????? and Geoff Saunders just out of shot, could be the Moreton bay or Remura
  5. Joe McManus and Dave Foley

    The famous black eye
  6. A better football team

    Paul scanlon is there Billy Flynn ,Gino, Paul Waddington.
  7. Jervis Bay

    Jervis Bay arriving in Fremantle, 1970
  8. Flinders Bay

    An interesting picture of the Flinders Bay, which I bought in 1971.
1-8 of 8 Results