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  1. Olga Maersk

    The 1981 built Olga Maersk at Bluff. One of six sisters for Maersk they appear to have been the last tankers built for the company at its own Odense Shipyard.
  2. Olga Maersk

    Flag Denmark(Danish Int. Reg.). Imo 9251614. DWT 41028. GT 34202. Built 2003 by Volkswerft, Stralsund, Germany. At San Antonio 08 March 2009.
  3. Olga Maersk

    IMO No: 8613293 Shot taken on: 01/10/02 Now known as: Tristar Kuwait Seen here off Bellerive Beach near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia heading for sea, this was a rear visit to Hobart by the Maersk line and Hobart was to see this ship a number of times starting about 6 months latter as the...
  4. Olga Maersk

    Olga Maersk in Hong Kong Harbour circa 1955.
1-4 of 4 Results