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  1. Fishing Vessels
    I wonder if anyone would be able to provide us with information re the copyright in Olsen's Fisherman's Nautical Almanack, which was published by ETW Dennis of Scarborough until 2000 when the company went into liquidation. We run the Crew List Index Project which is a not-for-profit private...

    BOUDICCA IMO 7218395 BOUDICCA passing HYUNDIA COLOMOBO Cuxhaven, 2007

    BOUDICCA IMO 7218395 This 34 years old cruise vessel had quite an interesting history. In 2007 she is passing Cuxhaven slowly on a rainy day on her way to Hamburg for a refit at Blohm + Voss. Royal Viking Cruise Line started in 1972 operating three cruise vessels and was owned jointly...
  4. Unknown Olsen vessel = BOREALIS

    Unknown Fred Olsen vessel being towed upriver by the tug Meeching. 1970s

    Built in 1973 in Germany. Laid up at Stord in Norway from July 1975 to July 1979. Sold and renamed KONKAR DINOS. Arrive at Gadani Beach, Pakistan for scrapping in 1996
  6. Skálaberg KG 118

    Built in Aalesund 1976 for Kjølbro in Klaksvík. Sterntrawler loa 183 ft.
1-6 of 6 Results