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  1. Kea Olwen

    Doing a bit of house keeping, came across this image in my files, alas no credit so sorry if posting someone's else's work! poor old Olwen on route to breakers under transit name of Kea.
  2. Navy Days 1972

    RFA Olwen and HMS Ulster watch a fly-past of 6 Wessex Vs and one Wasp at Portsmouth Navy Days 1972
  3. Olwen

    Ordered: 4 February 1963 Builder: Hawthorn Leslie and Company Yard number: 755 Laid down: 11 July 1963 Launched: 10 July 1964, as Olynthus Commissioned: 21 June 1965 Decommissioned: 1999 Renamed: Olwen, 5 August 1967 Fate: Renamed Kea in May 2001. Arrived Alang for demolition 21...
  4. OLWEN

    Malta 1970's Jorgen Lonn negative
  5. OLWEN

    Malta 1970's Jorgen Lonn negative
  6. Olwen Midships

    Midship view
  7. Olwen 1972

    Taken afterthe Tarbatness Cadets had returned to their vessel, after Febex 72
  8. RFA Olwen

    Another O boat for you Pat, Olwen taken in Singapore Stores Basin from the bow of the Tarbatness after FEBEX 1971, I think the stern of the Frigate is the Minerva. A group of us Cadets had been temp'ly transferred to the Olwen for the exercise, hence the photo. Enri
  9. RFA Olwen, Devonport, early 1990s
  10. RFA Olwen

    RM Commandos disembarking on board RFA Olwen. Arabian Sea 1968.
  11. OLWEN

    RFA taken in 1984 coming under the Forth Bridges for Rosyth.Originally OLYNTHUS but renamed to avoid confusion with sub OLYMPUS. Now broken up with the advent of WAVE RULER and WAVE KNIGHT.
1-11 of 11 Results