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  1. Aquitania and Olympic

    Stephen and I posted a series of photographs taken by Percy Loomis Sperr back in December of 2019 showing Olympic and Aquitania departing New York as seen here: Stephen mentioned that the...
  2. Aquitania & Olympic

    Another fine view from the Percy Loomis Sperr collection, this taken in August, 1934. The image shows what will soon be, the last two four-stackers left in service on the North Atlantic, they were once rivals, but now they served the same owner. Mauretania was a little over a month away from...
  3. Adriatic & Olympic

    In this Percy Loomis Sperr photograph, the Adriatic and Olympic are seen together in New York Harbor in October, 1932. The Adriatic appears to be backing out of her slip at pier 60, and it looks like she’s doing so without the aid of tugs. Notice there are tug boats tied up and just sitting at...
  4. Olympic

    One of Frank Beken’s better shots was this view from the air of Olympic steaming off Cowes in 1933.

    An amazing view of Olympic entering White Star pier 44 at Southampton in 1930's
  6. Olympic

    Olympic is show if in the floating dock at Southampton in the mid to late 1920’s. The view is unusual because it shows steam being vented from the ships forth funnel, which it seems would have been rare given that there was no boiler room beneath the stack. In other views of this ship, some...

    White Star's OLYMPIC Watercolour (B&W) on paper, 11 x 11 inches 2018 Design for Delft tile
  8. Olympic & Empress of Britian

    Olympic and Empress of Britain are seen together at Southampton in 1933.
  9. Olympic

    Here’s a very nice sepia view of the Olympic in her dock at Southampton. The picture is undated, but I believe it was taken in the 1930’s, although no house flag can be seen to really help determine the year.
  10. Ship Research
    Hi all, I came across this photograph from Real Photographs Co. Ltd. and is, what I believe, of the RMS Olympic. I've tried finding more info on the company or what has become of it but I'm not finding much to go off of. When purchased, I was told that this photograph was from 1911. Just...
  11. Olympic

    A second view of the Olympic moving into the Trafalgar Dry Dock in October, 1934, with some of her bow plating removed. The plates had been damaged as a result of her collision with the Nantucket Lightship back on 15 May, 1934.
  12. Olympic

    This picture and the next are said to have been taken in October, 1934. They both show the damaged hull plates (some of which have been removed) on the Olympic after her collision with the Nantucket Lightship back on 15 May of that year. I looked up some information in Mark Chirnside’s book...
  13. Olympic

    This is a very rare shot of the Olympic taken as she exits Belfast Lough during her two days of sea trials, which began on 29 May, 1911. The picture appears to have been taken from a passing vessel that just happened to be there at the right time. It’s the only picture of the ship running her...
  14. Olympic

    A nice view of the Olympic taken at the fitting out pier at Harland and Wolff in 1911. This is another picture from the John W. Kempster album which also included unseen shots of the Titanic. Like the others in the album, this shot too was printed in sepia tone; I’ve changed it to black and...
  15. Olympic

    Olympic is seen leaving Halifax NS in the fall of 1917 with a full load of Canadian troops bound for the front. The Canadian press made it a point to state whenever the “Old Reliable” was in port.
  16. Olympic

    Ebay recently had an auction for a large collection of ship pictures, and while I lost my bids on a number of them, I went ahead and copied two scans of those being offered. Unfortunately this collector had the habit of sticking his own captions directly on the front of the photograph itself...
  17. Olympic

    White Stars new Olympic is being maneuvered in the Victoria Channel at high water, as she begins her departure from Harland and Wolff to start her sea trials in Belfast Lough on 28 May, 1911.
  18. Olympic

    White Star Line
1-18 of 108 Results