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  1. Operation Neptune

    Unknown freighter viewed from SS Vestmanrød
  2. Operation Neptune

    Three unknown ships somewhere between England and the Normandy Coast
  3. Vestmanrød carrying British soldiers

    The deck of the Vestmanrød filled with men of the Royal Engineers. I doubt that anyone of them is really at sleep, but in the situation you might as well turn your full attention inwards, to your own thoughts. Playing card games or discussing football would not divert your thoughts anyway.
  4. Operation Neptune

    I suppose the Norwegian coastal freighter here has arrived in France.
  5. Operation Neptune

    Would not call these warships, but I would not call them cargo ships either... so the choice of category is difficult
  6. Operation Neptune.

    Looks like a warship of sorts... But a funny sort of warship. She must have had a special purpose.Yes: as Landing Craft Gun, Builders John I. Thornycroft Ltd. Operators: Royal Navy. Its primary purpose was to provide direct fire against beach positions and surface attack for first-echelon...
1-6 of 6 Results