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    DOURO RIVER, OPORTO, 07/1963 Vessels awaiting berth at Gaia/Estiva pier: MARISCAL LOPEZ of Nievelt Goudriaan, Rotterdam; HUNDSECK of DDG Hansa, Bremen; SEVILLA of OPDR, Hamburg, berthed at Estiva pier. (The pic was taken by me from Morro Garden, shortly I left the MARISCAL LOPEZ in my function...
  2. Oporto

    The Portuguese port of Oporto, known for his famous export, the port wine, seen here on a postcard from 1925. The port is located along the Douro River estuary, protected by a dangerous sand bar (Douro Bar). The bridge to the right is either Ponte Infante or Ponte do Freixo, therefore the...
  3. Oporto

    Portuguese wine carrier
  4. River Douro Bar, Oporto

    Art gallery showing River Douro Bar, Oporto, painted by my uncle Alfredo Picarote in the 30s. Today the image is completely diferent, showing two breakwaters, the north mole and the south mole, more extended to the sea side, in order to protect the estuary banks and to facilitate the...
1-5 of 5 Results