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    Departure of the ORANJE for her 10 days' maiden voyage to Madeira and the Azores.


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    Passenger ship ORANJE owned by Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland at the NDSM yard in Amsterdam.
  4. ORANJE of 1903

    ORANJE of 1903

    Hand colored postcard of 1904 showing the liner ORANJE built in the previous year. Identification Data Year built: 1903 Category: Passenger-/cargo vessel Propulsion: Steamship Type: Passenger-/cargovessel Type Deck: Full scantling Masts: Two masts Material Hull: Steel Decks: 3 Construction Data Sh


  6. SA Oranje passenger list from 1969

    Union Castle - Safmarine
    Hi, I am hoping that the collective knowledge of folks can help. I am looking for a passenger list for the sailing of the SA ORANJE from Cape Town to Southampton for late June/early July 1969. I appreciate this is very specific, but I am caught up (potentially) in the Windrush problem as I...


    The Dutch liners ORANJE and WILLEM RUYS had a collision in the Red Sea off Port Sudan on 6th January 1953. Both ships could continue their respective voyages, the ORANJE was bound for Indonesia. She was back in Amsterdam on 24th February 1953 with a temporary boxer nose (the new nose can be admired
  8. Launch of the Oranje

    Launch of the Oranje

    The Oranje slides down the ways on September 8, 1938 and into her 'natural element.'
  9. Oranje on the stocks

    Oranje on the stocks

    The 656 foot long, triple screw Oranje sits on the slipway in Amsterdam a few weeks prior to her launching. Note the bulging 'tumblehome' sides.
  10. SA Oranje

    SA Oranje

  11. oranje in haven drawing by my self

    oranje in haven drawing by my self

    ms oranje
  12. ORANJE


    Nederland Liner departing from Southampton. She was built in Amsterdam in 1939 and in 1964 was sold to the Italian Lauro Lines and rebuilt out of all recognition emerging as ANGELINA LAURO. Sadly she caught fire in 1979 and sank whilst under tow.
  13. Oranje


    Oranje 1939 20017t builder Nederlandsche SB/Amsterdam for N.V.Stmvt Maats Nederland, Amsterdam 1964 Angelina Lauro fire Charlotte Amalie 30/3/1979 sank in tow 11.43.30n/121.42.36w 24/9/1979
  14. Oranje part 1

    Oranje part 1

    Start of a new painting Oil on canvas
  15. Oranje part 2

    Oranje part 2

  16. Oranje part 3

    Oranje part 3

    Oil on canvas
  17. Oranje


    Lizzy, Bradley,Its ready now, you have seen 4 fotographs from this oilpainting so you can see how I do it
  18. Oranje


    ORANJE 1938 20166 tgr Nederland Line-Neth
  19. Oranje


    Painting by Frans Romeijnsen 100 x 70 cm Oranje S.M.N.
  20. Oranje


    Neth. Line Royal Dutch Mail Oranje moored in Colombo Harbour March 1960