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  1. Aquamarine and Sirius

    The trawler Aquamarine, UBME3, imo 8616221, of Murmansk. Ex faeroese Heygadrangur, ex orkney Orcades Viking III. Here at the western quay in Tórhavn loading fish into russian freezer Sirius.22.04.2010
  2. Orcades Viking

    Orcades Viking of Kirkwall here seen at the Yard Pier in Torshavn in 1998. Built as Heygadrangur on Skala ca 1990. To many Faeroese she is the symbol of a period with bad governance and megalomania, a period that ended tragically in a human and social crisis.
  3. Orcades Viking ex Heygadrangur

    Heygadrangur was built at Skala Shipyard, Faeroes, in the late 1980'ies, for blue-whiting fishing. It never became a succes on the Faeroes. Sold til Orkney. Here seen at the shipyard in Torshavn (presumeably 1996?)´ Skala Shipyard used a special construction principle, easily seen on this...
  4. Orcades Viking

  5. Orcades Viking

    Any of you Orcadians sail on her before she was sold ? Now Icelandic owned but crewed by Russians and spending a lot of time alongside in Las Palmas. Built 1991 by P/F Skipamidjan a Skala ( yard No. 111270) Faroe Islands, as the ' Orcades Viking III' to 2003. ' Omega' to 2005. 'Orcades...
1-6 of 6 Results