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  1. Troop ship Oregon

    Troop ship Oregon

    The French troop ship and hospital ship Oregon seen here entering the port of Algiers in 1954, carrying French Foreign Legion troops from Marseilles. Oregon belonged to a series of 4 combined twin-screw passenger/cargo ships, built by the German wharf Bremer Vulcan at Bremen-Vegesack as a World Wa


    Port of Nagoya 1960s
  3. Oregon


    Oregon,Seattle Tacoma Shipyard
  4. Oregon


    DFDS's Oregon (1) built 1916, 1945 wrecked near Belfast.
  5. Oregon again

    Oregon again

    With so much interesting stuff on the battleship Oregon by Steve Woodward, I thought I might add this interesting shot of her in drydock. It's from Cassier's Magazine's Marine Number 1897.
  6. Oregon


    Battleship Oregon. According to accompanying text published just after the Spanish American war, she is nicknamed "Bulldog of the Sea". One of her broadsides hurls more than three ton metal. She made the distance Frisco - West Indies in only 57 days and sank, on her own, no less than four