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  1. Orelia

    Orelia - Leith
  2. Orelia

    Orelia - Leith
  3. Orelia

    Orelia - Leith
  4. Houlders Orelia? 3/O

    Sorry, no name for this chap. I was 2/O for too long!!! Lefty
  5. Orelia

    Offshore Support Vessel at Leith
  6. Orelia

    Orelia on the lay by berth, Port Talbot 1960.
  7. Orelia

    Orelia. Houlder Bros. Manchester Ship Canal 1966. Outward bound from Irlam.
  8. Orelia

    From postcards sent by Houlders in the 1960's Orelia Built: 1954 Wm Gray, West Hartlepool Tonnage: 6,858grt Owners: Ore Carriers Ltd(Houlder Bros) 1971: Orelia Star 1974: Broken up Hsingkang.
  9. orelia

    new bow on the orelia taken in heburn yard 2008
  10. CSO Orelia

    Aberdeen 2006
  11. Orelia

    Houlder Bros. Ore carrier ORELIA with OREOSA astern at Margam wharf, Port Talbot early 1966
1-11 of 11 Results