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  1. Oriana 1960

    P&O Lines The Stadium
  2. Oriana 1960

    P&O Lines Looking aft from the port side Bridge Wing
  3. Oriana 1960

    P&O Lines View of the funnel from the port side Bridge Wing
  4. Oriana 1960

    P&O Lines Forward superstructure alongside her berth at Southampton
  5. Oriana 1960

    P&O Lines Departing Southampton Western Docks in May 1974
  6. Oriana 1960

    Water colour of the P&O liner by the late Phil Hayden
  7. Oriana 1960

    The Tourist Class Library
  8. Oriana 1960

    Dappled by sunlight and cloud the Oriana at Southampton on 1st June 1980
  9. Oriana 1960

    Farewell flags flutter as Oriana departs Fremantle for the last time
  10. Oriana 1960

    Departing Southampton on 2nd October 1977
  11. Oriana 1960

    At Southampton on 4th August 1978
  12. Oriana 1960

    Tourist Class Ballroom/Lounge
  13. Oriana 1960

    Pictures in the Monkey Bar
  14. Oriana 1960

    Departing Southampton in heavy overcast and blustery conditions in May 1974
  15. Oriana 1960

    Portrait of Princess Alexandra that was displayed on board
  16. Oriana 1960

    The 1st Class Ballroom
  17. Oriana 1960

    Entrance lobby to the former Tourist Class Ballroom during the ship's 1980's cruising era
  18. Oriana 1960

    The proud badge of the Oriana displayed in an upper deck lobby
  19. Oriana 1960

    The ship's original Tourist Class Dining Room shown in later years when she was used mostly for cruising
1-19 of 34 Results