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orient line

  1. ss Orontes

    ss Orontes

    Owner: Orient Line (P & O) Route: England - Australia (1929-1940) England - Australia (1948-1962) Builder: Vickers Armstrong Ltd. at Barrow-in-Furness, England Maiden voyage: June 1929 Refit: 1947-1948 Homeport: Tilbury Identification: Code Letters and radio callsign GBXM ICS Golf.svg
  2. Orient liners in port

    Orient liners in port

    ORCADES, ORONSAY and I believe OTRANTO in this marvellous aerial shot possibly in Australia.
  3. Orient Line poster

    Orient Line poster

  4. Orient Line

    Orient Line

  5. Orient Line

    Orient Line

  6. Orient Line

    Orient Line

  7. Orient Line Advert 1913

    Orient Line Advert 1913

    Extract of an advert in the Melbourne Argus found behind wallpaper whilst relining my old farm house. Fares applied to UK ex Melbourne.
  8. Orcades (III) at Spithead

    Orcades (III) at Spithead

    Looks like Orcades at Spithead Naval Review, 1953. From an album including a number of shots taken at Spithead. Orcades before the 'top-hat' was installed on the funnel. Surrounded by an assortment of small naval vessels--picture cropped and then enlarged. Orcades Built: 1948 Vickers-Armstrong, Barr
  9. Orient Line

    Orient Line

    Shipping Advert 1930.
  10. Orion


    R.M.S. Orion. Sorry no information. 24,000 Tons. My card. Barney
  11. R.M.S. Ormonde Great Ship

    R.M.S. Ormonde Great Ship

    R.M.S. Ormonde 15,000 Tons. Sorry no information. My card. Barney