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  1. MS Corinthian entering Hoy Sound, Orkney

    The local pilot-boat leads the luxurious but plain-looking small cruise-ship past Hoy Sound High Light, en route Stromness - Stornoway on a beautiful evening. Launched in 1990 as Renaissance Four, and re-named Clelia II in 96, Corinthian acquired her present name after an extensive refit in...
  2. View over Stromness pierhead 1950s and now

    The top photo was taken from a slightly higher level, probably a 2nd floor (UK usage) window instead of the 1st floor balcony of the Stromness Hotel, and earlier on a sunnier day. Other changes include: no cement rendering on the building in the left foreground, a light grey RNLI building at the...
  3. Cruise ships at Kirkwall today

    AIDAvita at anchor and MSC Splendida alongside Hatston (what romantic names modern cruise-ships have!). They were lucky with the weather; the last of the April showers didn't move in until evening, showing us the location of the legendary crock of gold.
  4. Queen Mother and King Olav of Norway kiss on the slipway

    During a visit to Orkney by HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, King Olav also briefly called by in his Royal Yacht Norge and charmingly greeted the Queen Mother on stepping ashore on the Corn Slip in Kirkwall harbour basin.
  5. My mother

    I am prompted to submit this photo of my mother by the very attractive post by Hugh Ferguson of his. I hope it will be acceptable because of Mother's close association with ships and the sea, in both her early and later life. The daughter, sister, girlfriend of a sailor, my mother-to-be...
  6. Disney Magic, Orkney

    Disney Magic leaving Hatston Terminal and in the String about to pass Helliar Holm light. Weather for her visit turned rather poor; rain was falling in the lower picture. This was the first time I'd seen her and I was a little disappointed; in profile, her funnels, particularly the for'ard...
  7. Sea Spirit & Sea Explorer 1 alongside, Kirkwall

    Two sister ships at Kirkwall today. Queen Elizabeth was alongside Hatston at the same time.
  8. Queen Elizabeth in Orkney 23 May 2015

    I hope the passengers were well briefed to expect the Orkney specialty of four seasons in one day, for that's pretty much what they got. By the time QE was departing through the String channel, rain was making photography quite difficult and I apologise for the poor quality. There were two...
  9. A lighthouse and a zoom

    The pics show the 'ends' of the x63 optical zoom on the Sony Cybershot DSC-H400 I got yesterday from Currys, £169.99. Unfortunately today is quite dull and the camera seems to have exaggerated this a little. Reducing multi-megapixels to SN format hasn't helped. Neither has hand-holding (against...
  10. Artania, Hatston, Orkney

    Cruise ship Artania alongside Hatston deepwater terminal today.
  11. Celebrity Infinity leaving Orkney today.

    In the String, about to pass Helliar Holm light. Though bathed in sunlight here, she had poorish weather for most of her day's stay. Always a risk in Orkney.
  12. Memorial in naval cemetery Lyness

    I find this memorial a little odd, not because those it commemorates don't deserve a memorial but because of all the relocation of former shipmates that must have been involved. Anyway a lot of subscribers must have felt it was the right thing to do. It was a dull, rainy afternoon, as the photo...
  13. Escape the crowds! Take a cruise!

    Ruby Princess moored in Kirkwall Bay, MSC Magnifica & Nautica alongside Hatston pier. Ruby Princess about to pass Balfour Castle as she departs Kirkwall.
  14. Discovery alongside Hatston

    Cruise ship Discovery at Hatston, Orkney today. She visited in the past as Island Princess and possibly under others of her half-dozen previous names. In the absence of tropical palms, I've tried to 'frame' her with a bit of grass and a thistle.
  15. Arcadia

    Arcadia alongside Hatston and departing via the String (pilot boat John Rae in attendance) 25 June 2014.
  16. Ruby Princess alongside Hatston

    Ruby Princess, Hatston, today.
  17. Queen Victoria at Kirkwall, Orkney, 27 May 2014

    Also appearing is Mein Schiff, apparently keeping QV off the berth.
  18. Cruise ships, Kirkwall, 6 Sep 2013

    Seven Seas Voyager & Seabourne Pride alongside Hatston terminal today. Weather turning from fine to poor.
  19. Tug Tregeagle

    Tregeagle and 'floating dock' still alongside NLB pier, Stromness.
  20. MSC Lirica

    Alongside Hatston terminal, 12 Aug 2012.
1-20 of 42 Results