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  1. Ormesby Cross

    IMO 9206944 Svitzer Sverige AB Built in Spain 2000 433 gross tons, 33 m x 12 m beam
  2. Ormesby Cross

    Passing the Lifeboat station as she enters Hartlepool docks on 24th July 2009
  3. Ormesby Cross

    Ormesby Cross with VT Woolston in tow returning to Portsmouth Harbour at 0900hrs on 11th August, 2006. They sailed from Govan on the River Clyde after delivering the bow section of HMS Dauntless.
  4. Ormesby Cross

    Ormesby Cross entering Portsmouth Harbour at 0900hrs on 31st July, 2006. IMO: 9206944; Call Sign; ZQBH9; Built: December 2000; DWT: 219;
1-4 of 4 Results