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  1. Oronsay

    Oronsay outward bound from Rotterdam April 1966.
  2. Oronsay

    Oronsay at Circular Quay Sydney taken from Arcdaia. both ships were cruising from Sydney. David
  3. Oronsay

    Last trip from Southampton with paying off pennant. date ?
  4. ORONSAY, Kobe

    Oronsay in Kobe, Japan 1970/1???. This photo is from a postcard that was never posted. Frank
  5. Oronsay

    Outer Harbour, Adelaide sailing.
  6. Oronsay and Bendigo

    At Pyrmont, Sydney. 1960. Passenger ships normally berth at Circular Quay. Someone else must have got there first that day.
21-26 of 26 Results