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  1. Orontes

    Orontes in Stockholm with a warship in the background. Built 1929 by Vickers Armstrong for Orient Steam Navigation Co. Broken up 1962
  2. Orontes

    Painting by William Marshall Birchall
  3. Orontes

    Orontes doing a Summer cruise to the Norwegian Fjords, here at Ulvik, Hardanger.

    norwegian fjords??

    Orient Line passenger ship ORONTES at Melbourne ca.1935. Built: 1929 20,097gt broken up at Valencia 1962.
  6. ss Orontes

    Owner: Orient Line (P & O) Route: England - Australia (1929-1940) England - Australia (1948-1962) Builder: Vickers Armstrong Ltd. at Barrow-in-Furness, England Maiden voyage: June 1929 Refit: 1947-1948 Homeport: Tilbury Identification: Code Letters and radio callsign GBXM ICS...
  7. Ships Steward & Crew of the Orontes

    Enjoying the sunshine in the park
  8. Sydney Harbour

    Orontes out bound passes Manly fery Bellubera on a hot Summers day in 1961
  9. Orontes

    Orontes at Southampton approaching the end of her days in about 1959
  10. Orontes

  11. Orontes

    Part of the 3rd Class deck space
  12. Orontes

  13. ORONTES (?) Departing Sydney 1959.

    Unsure of ID. Note on back of pic looks a bit like Orontes?
  14. Orontes

    ORONTES. Built by Vickers, Barrow 1929, 19,970 tons, 1,612passengers. Scrapped 1962 From an ad for Vickers Armstrong, captioned: "Orontes at Tilbury". I would guess we are seeing one shift leaving and one arriving, but they're not wearing what I would call working clothes, and it doesn't look...
  15. Orontes price list from 1934

    Found in a 2nd hand book sale at Port Macquarie recently.
  16. Orontes price list from 1934

    I found this amongst 3 old Orient Line "Records of a Voyage" folders that I came across at a 2nd hand book sale in Port Macquarie lately.
  17. Orontes

    Orient Lines "Orontes", Tilbury, 31/08/59. Built in 1929, 20,186 Tons Gross, LOA 638'. Steam Turbines, twin screw, service speed 18 knots. Can't believe that they kept the old girl going for much longer but I'm sure someone out there will know.
  18. Orontes

    Orient Line. Built 1929. 20,000 tons. Troop Transport 1940-49. Took part in North Africa campaign 1942, and Invasion of Sicily 1943. Returned to Orient Line 1948. Scrapped 1962 My card
1-18 of 18 Results