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  1. Orotava

    Going through Mothers do***ents and came across this postcard ... can anyone fill in the detaisl about her please ... ok ok I know she's not a BP Tanker .. cuh!
  2. Orotava

    I have just acquired some maritime books and photos from a carboot sale and this photo was included, on the reverse all there is, is the name SS Oratava and a photo shop in Brisbane. Any Information is welcome. Frank
  3. Orotava, ice clad

    Hope this is the right one, that it is the passenger liner although this is presumably New York and she is described as being on other routes: Orotava and Oruba were designed by the PSNC as smaller versions of Orizaba with funnels placed closer together. They were built for the Valparaiso trade...
  4. Crew on deck of Orotava, ice clinging to her

    It seems to be a bit cold out there... what a difference from the days when she plied the sunny and warm waters of Australia ;) No location is provided but I assume it must be in New York. Since the note provided is "No known restrictions on publication" I assume the photo is now in the...
  5. Orotava

    Orotava pictured at New York in the winter. built Naval Constr.& Armts. Barrow 1889 5857t for P.S.N.C broken up Clyde 1921
1-5 of 5 Results