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  1. Oslo harbour

    Vippetangen in 1919.
  2. Oslo Harbour

    Bjørvika with the NAL wharf. The passengership I think may be the Bergensfjord of 1956, the NAL cargocarrier the Lyngenfjord of 1948...
  3. Oslo harbour

    Time flies... Christian Radich in the foreground, tanker Sonja in the background, and a semingly pensive man, perhaps an old sailor. Who notes that ships are now so big they cannot be launched at the Aker yard. Like this one they must have their hull built elsewhere and towed to Oslo fortheir...
  4. Oslo harbour

    Barque Lingard in the foreground, Aker yard with a NAL ship in the background. Must have been taken just before the war. Lingard was broken up during it as those who wanted to preserve the ship ran out of money. She ended her trading career with a collision, and the material results of that...
  5. Oslo harbour

    Vippetangen in 1917 with a NAL ship. Or, so one would believe from the original text, saying ''NAL's new wharf". She has got a long two part name, so it is not a ''... fjord'' then. No it is ''Global something'', the something beginning with an M or a W; and the homeport may be Kristiania, that...
  6. Oslo harbour

    Fred Olsen funnel observable on the second ship inwards
  7. Oslo harbour

    The Aker yard, with the Fred Olsen ship Balkis. A small black strip on the extreme right must be the city hall under build, It was built between 1931 and 1951. The Balkis was built in 1939 it is said in several places, although in this movie strip of the launch, the year is given as 1937, two...
  8. Oslo harbour

    Stavangerfjord ready for departure
  9. The last tourists

    She will soon be done for the season, but today there's still a handfull of tourists to be carried from Piperviken, before the city hall in Oslo, to Bygdøy, the museum peninsula. First she'll make a landing where the shortest road to the Viking Ship Museum and the Open Air Traditional Buildings...
  10. Packing it in.

    A few of the many recycled fishing vessels etc providing 'fjordtours' in Oslo, that until spring will decorate the city center with genuine plastic wrappings.
  11. Spring tarring in Oslo

    A couple of Northlandsboats, belonging to our maritime museum, getting a coat of Stockholm Tar today. The Color Fantasy in the background. They have a small basin where they keep a number of trad-boats in summer, just for the Japs to click at, but these two are too big for that. Never seen...
  12. Oslo in the 1870'ies

    Oslo - then named Christiania - in the 1870'ies. The photo is captioned: "Bjoerviken ca. 1870. Holmsen copy." The brig was obviously a popular rig. I believe the brigs ability to stop and turn fast was much appreciated along our rocky shore. The three churches in the picture is still standing...
1-12 of 12 Results