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    On sea trials Rheinstahl built 1960- Cv to supple base ship 75-Cv pipe carrier 79-cv cement storage 84-MAROUDIO 69-MARY ELIZABETH 74-F.S.B 01 75-ZEUS I 79- SE 99-
  2. Overseas Courier

    London and Overseas Bulk Carriers vessel Overseas Courier loading grain at Destrehan. Built by Rheinstahl Noordseewerke at Emden in 1960 she lasted under various guises for forty years arriving at Mumbai as the El Nagar on 25 October 2000 to be broken up.
  3. Overseas Courier

    The Overseas Courier anchored in the Mississippi waiting to load grain.
  4. Overseas Courier

    Delivered in 1960 to London & Overseas Bulk Carriers, and seen in the Mississippi, the "Overseas Courier" had a long life for a bulk carrier not arriving at Mumbai for breaking up until 25 October 2000.
1-4 of 4 Results