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    Obviously she got a higher bow later on (see By the way: an impressive smoke plume!
  2. P & O

    P & O

  3. P & O

    P & O

  4. P & O

    P & O

  5. SS Naldera

    SS Naldera



    Photographed 24 May 1990, in the English Channel
  7. P & O's Oceana

    P & O's Oceana

    P and O's Oceana. 6,168 grt; 468 x 52; Harland and Wolff, Belfast, 1888; Australia service; 250 First class, 150 Second class passengers. Mar.16, 1912: Sank off Eastbourne after a collision with the barque Pisagua, while bound from London to Bombay. To go with the search beneath this posting: http:
  8. Spirit Of London undergoes trials, Italy 1973

    Spirit Of London undergoes trials, Italy 1973

    P & O public relations photo of "Spirit Of London" undergoing trials off Genoa, Italy in 1973.
  9. Spirit Of London undergoes trials 1973

    Spirit Of London undergoes trials 1973

    1973 P and O Press Release Photo Caption says: SPIRIT OF LONDON NEARS COMPLETION Under her own power for the first time, P and O 's 17,000 ton £10 million custom-built cruise liner, Spirit Of London, surges along the Italian coast near Genoa where she is nearing completion at the CNTR shipyard. The
  10. P & O

    P & O

    Fleet list from the recruitment flyer.
  11. P & O GCD

    P & O GCD

    Does anyone remember this recruitment flyer from 1975, another forgotten gem from my loft, where will it end.
  12. Mooltan and Maloja

    Mooltan and Maloja

    Sister ships. 21,000 Tons. 15,300 H.P. Long gone. Mail and Passenger. My card.