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  1. Pacific Embolden

    Seen here off Sullivans Cove in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia where she Berthed at Macquarie Wharf no 4/5 and loaded Zinc Blocks. Ship Name PACIFIC EMBOLDEN IMO 9040388 Ship Type Bulk Carrier Date of Build 199305 Ex Name Ship Builder Oshima Shipbuilding Registered Owner Pacific...
  2. Pacific Embolden

    IMO No: 9040388 Seen here off Macquarie Wharf no 4/5 where she turned around to berth Starboard Side to and loaded Zinc Blocks in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia Shot taken by: Nancy Jacobs and posted with her permisson.
  3. Pacific Embolden

    Seen here berthed at Macquarie Wharf no 5 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia loading Zinc Ingots
1-4 of 4 Results